Money Saving Fashion Forward Design Trends

Wouldn’t you love to save money while utilizing the latest design trends that are sweeping the country? Everyone likes to save money, especially when it comes to including the hottest new trends in interior design and fashion.

High Fashion Elegance

Black and white might be your color scheme combined with a fashion poster or art that highlights the black and white look. Add wallpaper in black and white for a bit of elegance.

Charm and More

Have you ever thought of adding scarves and jewelry to liven up a work and desk area for a teen? Not only will it make the space fun, she will be able to easily find her accessories when they are on the wall. The plus for you is that it saves you money while adding organization.

Urban Appeal

Did you know that combining a block of framed fashion magazine covers to a bedroom wall is a unique trend? The right covers will give you the clue to the color scheme and materials. You can keep it simple to highlight the wall art. Trendy or glamorous, this inexpensive way to do art is urban cheap.

Fuchsia, Violet and Fashion

Find artwork that expresses the colors of today. Purple, Fuchsia and the PANTONE® Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, are all great choices. Pair the artwork with a fashion cover that complements the art for a block of artwork gallery. There are a bevy of inexpensive canvas prints that can be found, featuring violet or fuchsia flowers that might add a trendy touch and cheering color. Fashionable black and white added to fuchsia or violet is a winner.

Designer Shoes on the Wall?

Find drawings of your favorites or make them yourself; designer shoes are always in fashion. Frame the sketches in a similar manner to add a sophisticated touch to a room. Adding a color scheme of black and white will add to the sophisticated look.

Modern Plants Add to the Fun

Pot your plants in modern or trendy pots to add color and live energy to a space. While fashionable art may decorate the walls, potted plants add the human touch in a modern setting.

Mid-Century is In

Your parents and grandparents may remember the 50s and 60s and the “modern” design of the days of the Flintstones. Those trends are back again today in full force, called Mid-Century. Just adding one or two pieces or other objects from the period brings a fashion forward look. Hunt the flea markets- you may just find something from that period that is a real charmer.

Express Your Personality

By choosing your favorite additions, whether from the flea market or 2nd hand store, you can save money; adding fashion forward art, magazine covers, or posters can create a trend setting look that includes the world of fashion. Rather than settle for boring, mix up furniture styles (trending now) with wall galleries of favorite artwork. Hanging prints are a great way to save money and create a fashionable look.

Today’s Trends

Mix fashion forward trends with other styles to create a unique and eclectic look that expresses you and your favorite things. Some of the looks today include:

  • Beach Style
  • Farmhouse
  • Modern and Contemporary

You need not break the bank to have wonderful design in your home. Combine funky with modern, recycled objects, flea market finds and other money-saving ideas. They can be used to create a unique space that looks trendy. Adding a Mid-century chair or couch goes a long way in showing the trends of today, while adding a splash of color.

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