Interior Design Trends for Millennials

When it comes to design trends for millenials, they are certainly different than the boomers and generations of the past. While those generations were dominated with “over designed” aesthetics, a new look is here. Millenials want something that is fresh, chic, natural, industrial, modern, and affordable. Don’t hold back when being creative, but keep the principles above in mind for your furniture, paint, and overall interior design. Whether you’re selling a home, working as a designer, or prepping up a home for yourself, you’ll be glad you read this guide.


Millenial design is all about being modern and chic. This is often defined as a lot of white and black colors, as they are more streamlined. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean to avoid using colors. Use bold pops of color on accent pieces to liven it up, but stay grounded in neutral grays, blacks, and whites throughout the home. Another bonus of this is it creates a neutral look that people can project their own dream style onto. In addition, keep the lines straight and sleek with an occasional organic circle or oval.


Just as much as this generation loves modern, they have an eye for rustic. Things that are made from wood, a little older (or have the appearance of age) are going to be attractive. Consider repurposing old barn doors, painting them, and stripping some of the paint off to give an informal and rustic look. These can become a wall ornament, a table, or simply an entrance to the home.


No modern day millenial home is complete without its fair share of technology. Today’s tech lovers want to have convenience at their fingertips. This means smart tvs, home automation (thermostats, security, and lighting), and plenty of outlets to plug in devices and charge phones. Having plenty of outlets available, almost too many actually, is a subtle change that will cause potential clients or buyers to feel comfortable in the space knowing on a deep level that they can stay connected with friends, family, and the outside world anywhere in their home.


Don’t make the mistake of neglecting mother nature. Include plants (real, live plants) in various areas. Especially notable areas are the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. This brings a feeling of relaxation and peace into the home.


There are two aspects to take into consideration when it comes to your lighting. First, make the fixtures blend with the rest of the home. Gaudy fixtures with too many frilly designs are out (1985 is calling, they want them back). Instead, opt for simple designs like rectangles or circles without etchings when covering your lights.

Direct light is fine in the kitchen, but the living room should have copious amounts of natural light if at all possible. Instead of shades, go with curtains on the windows that can be pulled back all the way.


Millenials want to feel free and open and their space should reflect that. Don’t hesitate to knock down some walls. It might cost a little bit upfront, but it can drastically change a home’s value.


A nook is a great way to make the most out of a small space. Often, the kitchen or dining area will have a small, unused portion of the room that you can repurpose as a reading haven.

If you are looking to redesign a home with millenials in mind, you want to avoid common pitfalls. It can be done, but you need the right principles. Luckily, the ideas above will give you the right starting point for creating a beautiful home that millenials will love – whether it’s you or your client that you’re designing for.

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